“There ain’t no doubt I love this land…”

I was re-reading last year’s Memorial Day post and it’s amazing how much happened within the span of a year.  The one thing that didn’t change, though, is this thought from last year…

For me, I see “memory” in Memorial Day: an opportunity to reflect on past moments with those who are still here to share them, and those who are not. There are heroes on the battlefield, and there are everyday heroes.

While this Memorial Day weekend will certainly have its fill of parades and cookouts, it’s also a time to reflect on the servicemen/women who’ve given their lives for our country. Though I’ve had relatives who’ve fought in battles around the world, I know that I am fortunate that they all returned safely home. Too many cannot say the same.

We’ve seen our share of tragic battles in the US this year, and I think the National Guard (which is often overlooked) definitely deserves special recognition, as well as the first-responders.

april 2012 iphone 003I am grateful for the men & women who have protected our freedom & rights by choice or by draft.
I am thankful that my daughter can freely attend school, while so many others girls around the world can’t.
I am honored that soldiers will defend our country, and still find time to answer student’s questions.

This weekend, salute a soldier, ask them questions about freedom, or pick up the tab for those you see in uniform at lunch or the coffee shop. And honor those who died to make our world safer and free.


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