Natural Mosquito Repellent

With warmer temperatures and the ridiculous amounts of rain, we can bet that mosquitos will be rampant soon. And though I love when my kids can play outside during these summer nights, I don’t want them covered in toxic mosquito repellents. Of course, I don’t want them covered in bites either, so what’s a safer option?

image Lemongrass. Surprisingly, lemongrass naturally contains the citronella oil, which helps repel mosquitoes. By choosing natural lemongrass over DEET (developed by the military in the 40’s), you’re also avoiding side effects ranging from rashes, headaches, to tremors, and possible nerve damage. That is why DEET generally comes with a warning to use sparingly. Definitely not something I want to apply to myself or my kids every summer night!

Aside from smelling fantastic and repelling mosquitoes, lemongrass, though, can also have some side effects: improving circulation, reducing acne, and easing muscle pain. Those sound much better to me, and I don’t have to rush to shower before bed to wash away DEET.

In addition to the lemongrass soaps and lotions available at Favor the Earth, we also carry a limited supply of Blissful Botanica’s Natural Bug Spray. The combination of lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, and catnip (10x more effective than DEET!) packs a powerful punch against mosquitoes. Blissful Botanica Natural Bug Spray also contains witch hazel & aloe vera to help sooth existing bites.

All of our Green Envee and Blissful Botanica lemongrass soaps, lotions, and natural bug sprays are made in the USA. So enjoy your backyard cookouts, late-night games of “ghosts in the graveyard,” and nature walks; we’ll help you safely stay bite-free.

imageDaily Green Special: Be prepared for mosquito season and stock up on lemongrass soaps and lotions. This weekend only, our Blissful Botanica Natural Bug Spray is on sale. No coupon is necessary, but inventory is limited. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Friday!

(Lemongrass photo credit: odonata98 / / CC BY-ND)


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