One product: Endless purposes

I have a friend who is an efficiency queen.  Seriously, it should be her job.  Work, household, you name it, she can tell you how to make it work more efficiently.  She has a catch-phrase, “one and done,” I’ve often heard her say- usually because it’s directed at me! I’m still not quite certain what it means, but I know it has to do with making life run more efficiently.

That’s why I know she approves of this product that can go from the diaper bag, to the gym bag, to the medicine cabinet, to the kid’s sport bag, to the kitchen, to the beach bag, to the bedside table.

imageWhat is this one incredibly efficient product you ask? Yoreganics Bye Bye Dry Balm.

This miracle stick is Certified Organic, gluten-free, fragrance-free, and made in the USA. But the most impressive aspect about Bye Bye Dry is its vast benefits.

Developed to alleviate painful dry skin and eczema, it is also fantastic elsewhere:

imageDiaper Bag: diaper rash
Gym Bag: anti-chafing balm (especially great for marathon runners)
Medicine Cabinet: dry skin, eczema, stretch marks, fine lines
Kid’s Sport Bag: bug bite relief, reduce scar visibility
Kitchen Drawer: burn relief
Beach Bag: alleviate sunburn pain
Bedside Table: cuticle cream, chapped skin

One product with so many practical uses…that’s what I call efficient! One product and you’re done buying unnecessary others. Hmmm “one and done!”

Daily Green Special: Today only, Bye Bye Dry is on sale. No coupon necessary, but the offer is only valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday!


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