A Pinterest Worthy Lemonade Stand

A couple of years ago we had a garage sale. While they always sound good in theory, they really are a ton of work. One family member, though, definitely put the rest of us to shame in the sales department.

My 10-year-old daughter.

imageNo, it wasn’t her plethora of old toys and outgrown clothes that filled the cash box. It was her water sales & fresh-spun cotton candy!

Enough time has lapsed that a garage sale again sounds like a good idea. Since my “inspiring chef” daughter is now almost 12, she figures sparkling lemonade and homemade macaroons may be her sale of choice this year.

Which got me thinking!

Wouldn’t this make the greatest lemonade stand ever!
french cafe

With the menu board and serving window under the awning, who wouldn’t line up for a glass of “French” lemonade?!

Since the Little Play Spaces French Cafe is made from recycled cardboard, it folds easily for compact storage on rainy days. Mais oui, it’s perfect for a backyard bistro also. Or bring it indoors for endless cafe play.

Today only, it’s on sale!

Daily Green Special: Save $10 on Little Play Spaces French Cafe! No coupon necessary, but offer valid today only. Happy Tuesday!

Cotton Candy photo credit: ventdroit / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA


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