Gluten-free Skin Care

Following the Paleo diet?  Avoiding gluten in your food choices?  Whether by experiment or necessity, many people are changing their diets to gluten-free.  While scanning food labels is important, don’t forget about your skin care.

60% of what goes onto our skin gets absorbed into the body.

Gluten can creep into sneaky places, even outside of the kitchen. So, if you’re looking to avoid it all together, try these 5 gluten-free lines.


1- SpaRitual Lip Gloss: four fabulous colors perfect for everyday or a night on the town. Flavored with fruit oils and infused with vitamins and antioxidants that provide protection against free radicals.

2- Green Envee: this Safe Cosmetics Champion Company doesn’t mess around when it comes to creating organic and healthy skin care. Incorporating homeopathic remedies and aromatherapy through the use of pure essential oils, Green Envee promotes whole-body wellness.

3- Yoreganics: yes, even your laundry products may be a source for gluten. No need to worry when using Yoreganics soap nuts and stain remover. No need for concern over nut allergies either, soap “nuts” are actually berries.

4- Eco-Lips: applying lip balm continually throughout your day? You definitely don’t want unnecessary gluten on your lips. Eco-Lips balms (with or without SPF), FACESTICK, and their Medicinal balm (great for cold sores) are all gluten-free.

5- Friendly Highlighters: Gluten allergy? Keep your office and classroom safe with gluten-free highlighters. Not only will you benefit from a safe product, but those around you will benefit as well from these non-toxic, VOC-free highlighters.

Click here for other gluten-free products and treats.

Daily Green Special: Spend $35 and receive a free bag of Yummy Earth (gluten-free) Roadside Root Beer drops. Just write “gluten-free” in the checkout notes. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Wednesday!


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