5 ways to keep kids busy without electronics!

I love the summertime: no schedules, staying up late, and afternoons exploring different towns. But in the midst of these lazy days there’s still plenty of work to get done! You need to catch up on emails and work deadlines, and can’t play Julie McCoy entertainment director (am I dating myself there?!) 24 hours a day.
How can you keep the kids busy (without tv or electronics) while you finish up some necessary work projects?

Here are 5 ideas for creative fun activities kids can do on their own!

imageCalafant Recycled Cardboard Kits are three activities in one. First they color and decorate, then build, then play! Three different sizes are great for different age groups (or traveling in the car/plane). If your child loves assembling legos, they’ll stay entertained with the 78 steps it takes to build the 2 foot robot! All on sale: $4.75-$19.95

imageWorking on team building? Green Pieces Puzzles are great for ending sibling controversies. These 500 piece puzzles are a challenge and require teamwork. When they’re finished, they can plant the pieces to grow wildflowers! On sale: $7.95

imageLet’s Go Green Activity Books will keep their school skills sharp under the guise of having fun! Each book is filled with fun activities: coloring, mazes, sudoku, word games, matching, and more. Great for pre-school through grade 3, these books will keep kids entertained while reviewing math and language skills. $3.00

imageMade By Me kits are great for all ages. Grandparents even join in the fun remembering these from their childhood! Made in Vermont from sustainable wood, kids have a blast decorating, assembling, and racing their kits. Older kids take it to the next level creating elaborate racetracks and ramps for ultimate racing! $4.00

imageBox Play for Kids turns everyday items into brand new toys. Take creative play up a notch and turn toilet paper tubes into binoculars; lunchtime mac n’ cheese boxes into a camera; or an egg carton into a piano! Kids will bowl endless games with the paper towel tube bowling pins. $2.95- $6.95

Daily Green Special: Let the kids master the art of yo-yo too! A sustainable wood yo-yo is yours free with your $40 purchase. Just write “juggling” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free yo-yo to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!

(Photo credit: workitmom.com


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