Homeopathic Skin Care is here!

Once again, one of my favorites- Green Envee- has taken skin care to a new level of whole body wellness. Introducing the first line of skin care that combines organic & natural ingredients, super antioxidants, and homeopathy for amazing results: Green Envee Homeopathic Skin Care.
Each of the 5 toxin-free lines are created according to the Five Elements theory related to Traditional Chinese Medicine, using only the finest quality natural ingredients available to maintain skin’s proper balance.

When Bob (co-founder of Green Envee) first told me about the homeopathic skin care line I was excited, but truly wasn’t expecting anything different; I was already using their bar soaps and lotion on my face. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The moment I applied the cleanser I knew this was entirely different- it felt like my own little facial in a jar. After using the cleanser, exfoliator, and restore lotion, I couldn’t stop touching my face (and asking my family to do the same!). It was smooth, hydrated, and so incredibly soft. At 41, my skin hadn’t felt this youthful in a long while.

After using the products for less than a week, I could not only feel a difference, but see a difference too: the pores on my nose were visibly smaller, and my skin tone evened out. I’ve been using Green Envee Homeopathic skin care for almost two months now and I’m still amazed at the continuaal results.

Must be magic right? Nope.
They’ve taken their knowledge of organic ingredients and pure essential oils and teamed up with Medical Qigong practitioner’s, Tony D’Angelo, vast experience of using energy and natural forms for prevention and healing. Every ingredient has a specific purpose and the life energy behind the natural plant-based ingredients creates their original energy-enhanced formulas.

Using the principles of the 5 Elements, each skin care line has a specific purpose. All five lines are also vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and nut-free.

Earth: normal skin; prevents premature aging, maintains proper PH level, and fights free radicals
Fire: sensitive skin; reduces inflammation, eases rosacea symptoms, minimizes redness
Water: dry/mature skin: reduces wrinkles & lines, reduces uneven skin tone, hydrates the skin
Metal: combination skin: reduces pore size, minimizes dry patches, removes impurities
Wood: oily/blemished skin; reduces excess oil, prevents blemishes/acne, evens skin tone

imageAlready amazed by the power of Green Envee homeopathic skin care? This sample pack is the perfect size for traveling. Just discovering the incredible benefits? This is a great place to start. Each set includes a sample of purifying cream cleanser, restore moisturizer, defense moisturizer + SPF, and micro-bamboo facial exfoliator.

Daily Green Special: Discover the incredible benefits of Green Envee Homeopathic Skin Care for yourself. The new sample pack is offered at an introductory price! No coupon necessary, but the offer is only valid until Friday’s post (we’ll be celebrating the 4th with family too). Happy Wednesday.


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