Create your own reusable bag!

I see it coming…aisles lined with bags covered in princesses, super heroes, and other phthalate-laden images. You know that you don’t want your child’s lunch or toys touching these chemicals, your kids just see familiar images. How can you make both of you happy?

Get creative!


Start with our recycled cotton bag (on sale $5.00) and our botanical paint kit (on sale $15.00) and for $20 you can create an original masterpiece!

Perfect for a lunch bag, carrying small toys, or a unique gift.

Stock up on the $5 bags and it’s an instant party activity/goody bag!

iphone oct-nov + fte 001Not feeling so crafty? We’ll create an original bag for you. Personalize with a name and favorite hobby (baseball, motorcycle, dinosaurs, you name it!) and we’ll customize the bag for you.

Daily Green Special: Though we love crafts everyday, the bag and paints are on sale today only! No coupon necessary, but sale prices are valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Thursday!


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