6 surprising symptoms of dehydration

We know the drill: dry mouth, excessive sweating, and high temperatures all mean increasing our water intake.  Unfortunately, since it takes a heat wave to think about drinking more water, many of us live in a state of chronic dehydration.

imageHow can you tell if your body needs water?

Here are 6 surprising signs of chronic dehydration.

1- Craving sugar: we all like sweet treats, but we often mistake thirst for hunger (especially for sugary snacks). Before grabbing a second cookie, grab a glass of water instead.

2- Fatigue: can’t shake that sluggish feeling? Skip the extra caffeine and have a glass (or two!) of water instead. Adult bodies are approximately 65-70% water (babies are closer to 75%) and need water for optimal functioning and energy.

3- Forgetfulness: feel like you’d forget your head if it weren’t attached? This may be your brain’s call for More Water!

4- Constipation: yes, water helps keep the intestinal tract lubricated. When things aren’t flowing smoothly, your digestive system may be thirsty.

5- Dry Skin: if you’re noticing dry patches on the outside of your body, the cells inside the skin are likely low on fluids as well.

6- Allergies: dehydration weakens the immunity system and increases the body’s histamines- leaving greater potential for mold, dust, and pollen to aggravate allergy symptoms.

Noticing a pattern?

imageEvery organ and body system depends on water! Don’t wait for high temperatures or a dry mouth to remind you to fill up another glass.

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Tiger Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar / Foter / CC BY-ND
Water Photo credit: Greg Riegler Photography / Foter / CC BY


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