Tips for getting kids to do chores!

One downside of summer fun is extra chores. More pool towels to wash, sand on the floors means more vacuuming, and endlessly packing extra snacks for the day’s activities. We all love participating in the fun, but somehow everyone seems to disappear when it’s time for the chores.

Getting kids involved in completing tasks is important. It’s beneficial for their self-esteem, it increases their responsibility, and makes the day run smoother for everyone.

Some families tie chores to allowance, some consider chores part of family and household responsibility. Either way, here are 4 ways to get kids involved!

soap nuts 5loadLaundry! At 10 and 11, my kids both do the majority of their own laundry (hooray!). Even when my son was younger, though, it was a “fun game” for him. For little ones, let them “shoot baskets” or “pitch” the laundry into the washer. For all ages, there’s no need to worry about overloading the detergent, or spilling it, with Yoreganics Soap Nuts. There’s nothing to measure, just add the bag of soap nuts (they’re actually berries, so no concern with nut allergies) to the washer and it’s good to go. They’re also convenient for college kids! Available in a 5 load trial size or 80 load bag. $2.99-$14.99

imagePacking Snacks. Regardless of when we last ate, someone will be hungry while we’re out. Snacks help prevent meltdowns (usually my own!) and unhealthy quick stop choices. Biodegradable & clever Wexy Bags are not only reusable, but fun. Assign one of the 4 “monsters” to each family member & let them be responsible for filling with their favorite snack. Or designate each monster a category: fruits, veggies, chips, treats, and rotate which child packs each bag with their favorites. Made in the USA. On sale, $3.95

taffy bbMaking Breakfast. Kids wake up too early? Let them fix their own breakfast in the morning! For little ones, leave the baby buddha bowl on the table, older kids have an easier time carrying them because of the handy thumb hole! Empty cereal boxes into easy to manage smaller containers. Gallons are often too heavy for young ones to manage on their own (without major spills!), so keep a cups worth of milk in a small pitcher or water bottle for them.  Made in the USA $24.95

hawaii vapur
Hydrate! Kids heading off to camp or outdoor activities? Spending a day at the pool or beach? Hydration is essential. Let the kids fill your Vapur bottles the night before and put them in the freezer. They’ll work great as icepacks for the cooler (or scraped knees!) until they thaw for ice-cold beverages. Available in 3 sizes and various colors. Made in the USA. $7.50-$13.95

Understanding preparation time, and completing chores together lessens the strain on any one family member. You can spend more time doing the things you love when everyone pitches in.

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