Are you ready for your city’s changes?

I first noticed it a couple of years ago at IKEA. Then, last year in Austin I was asked the same thing…”did you bring your own bag or would you like to buy one of ours?” Recently Los Angeles joined the ranks of Seattle and San Francisco to place bans on plastic bags.

What does this mean for you? Either remembering to bring one from your trunk into the store, or paying for their bag. Though most grocery stores still offer paper bags, they aren’t necessarily better for the environment: deforestation, high energy costs, and heavy transportation costs.

Many stores will giveaway reusable bags with their store labels, and that’s a great step.

But, reusable bags can become breeding grounds for bacteria and molds, especially if you use them for groceries and produce.

Ever tried washing a standard reusable bag? It’s possible, but they tend to fall apart soon after.

Ripped bag = potential landfill material. Great.

That’s why I love our reusable t-shirt bags! They’re made in the USA from organic cotton t-shirts. Which means they’re incredibly durable (seriously, these bags can hold some weight!) and machine washable.

imageThey’re also great for travelling. These fans took theirs to Scandinavia!

Because they’re made from t-shirts, they’re incredibly lightweight and easily fit in your purse, no more forgetting them in the car!

These t-shirt bags don’t stay on our shelves for long and we just received a new shipment!image

Gorgeous colors, right? Don’t worry about toxic dyes, these are all dyed with natural clay from Georgia and the Carolinas.

Will your city be the next to ban plastic bags?

Stock up now. Great for shopping, the pool, the gym every day errands, the library, school, and traveling the world!

Daily Green Special: This weekend only, organic t-shirt reusable bags are on sale for $5! Pick up a few for yourself or for gifts. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Weekend!


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