Gifts for kids: picked by a tween

Twelve years ago today, there were numerous babies born in our town. How do I know? Because in the 19 hours I labored with my daughter, several new parents seemed to sweep in and out of the delivery room in warp speed. Apparently my daughter was comfy and cozy right where she was, hmmm…maybe that explains why she can sleep until 11 most days!

We often feature great ideas for kids and teens, but today seemed like a great day to let a “tween” tell us her favorite gift ideas!

Here are 6 favorites (and reasons why) from my 12 year-old daughter.

imageHat Pouches: I use it to carry ear-buds, lip balm, and my school ID. And I can clip it to my backpack, throw it in my big purse, or just carry it.

milk chocolateOrganic Milk Chocolate Squares: Ummm…do I really have to explain this one?!

green backpackPanda Backpack: I use this all the time for going to the pool to carry my goggles, sunscreen, and a snack. And I usually pack it full of magazines and nail polish when I’m going to my friend’s house.

dreams flower notebookBanana Paper Journal: My friends and I like collecting all of the different notebooks. If I had to pick a favorite? I’d say the flower.

mani-pedi set 002SpaRitual Nail Polish: Um, yeah, I have a lot of nail polish (*mom note- she changes polish colors more than anyone I’ve ever known!). Silver, blue, sometimes red and black if the Blackhawks or my brother’s baseball team is playing.

taffy budda bowlBaby Buddha Bowl: I seriously use this every day! I like that we each have our own color (mine is Salt Water Taffy) so my brother can’t use it. But, mom knows it’s me though when I forget to put it in the dishwasher.

There you have it, great gifts for teens and tweens from a newly 12 year old!

Daily Green Special: Since I limited her to 6, we’ll add the 7th free with any order today! Just write “happy birthday” in the checkout notes and we’ll add a free Eco-Lips Pure & Simple balm to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Wednesday!


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