It’s the final countdown

Two weeks. Two weeks from today my kids will be back in the classroom. You know what that means…it’s the final countdown to finish your summer clipboard of fun, and to bring back a regular sleep schedule!

Back in June we posted our summer “to-do” list, how have we done?


Undoubtedly the next few weeks will be filled with back to school shopping (don’t forget about our huge sale on all of your green supplies!) and getting back into a routine.

Let us deliver those school supplies to your door so you can spend more time on the important stuff- making memories!

Stocking up on lunchtime treats? Check out our 5 tips for helping kids make healthy choices.

Realized you never emptied last years backpacks? Using the new school year as a goal for getting organized? Here are a few simple ideas you may have missed.

imageDuring the summer we usually forego the workbooks and use practical math (figuring out restaurant tips or sale prices) and writing thank you notes for keeping skills fresh. Let’s Go Green Activity Books are a fun way to refresh math and language skills before heading back to class. And today they’re on sale! They’ll keep kids busy, and entertained, while you drive or fly on your way to completing your clipboard of fun!

Daily Green Special: Let’s Go Green Activity Books are buy one get one free! Just write the name of the 2nd book you’d like free in the checkout notes and we’ll add it to your order! Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Thursday.


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