You do NOT want to smell this

Remember when you used to leave your clothes in the garage after a night out because of cigarette smells? How about finding a month old sippy cup of milk under the car seat? There are definitely a few stenches that I could do without.

Usually instead of actually eliminating the smell, though, we actually just mask it.   Dousing fabric in toxic Febreze or the not so “clean breeze” of laundry detergent.

imageInstead of eliminating odors, most “scents” are simply chemical cover-ups.

If you exercise in “anti-wicking” shirts, you know the sweet smell of sweat gets trapped in those fibers.

How do you eliminate horrible smells from clothes without relying on allergens and toxic chemicals?

soap nuts 5loadYoreganics Soap Nuts.

Don’t worry if you have nut allergies, soap nuts are actually dried fruit berries from the soapberry tree (Sapindus Mukorossi). The outer shell contains saponin which creates a natural soap in water. Not only do they eliminate odors from dirty clothes, they’re also the perfect laundry solution for those with eczema, allergies, or anyone avoiding harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Yoreganics Soap Nuts have safely tackled my three worst smelling laundry nightmares!

Clothes come out of the washer smelling like…well…clean. Not chemical flowers. Not the awful bleach smell many associate with “clean.” Just natural.

What are our top three horrible smells to remove from clothes?

Hockey sweat. If you’ve never been in the vicinity of a hockey bag post-workout, be grateful!

Clothes left too long in the washer. Occasionally there’s a day or two time-lapse between washer to dryer- yuck.

Anti-wicking shirts after working out. Seriously foul.

Soap nuts tackles them all without any trace of remaining odor.

Don’t believe us? Take the challenge!

soap nuts 80loadWe’re offering one lucky reader the chance to win a free 80-load bag of Yoreganics Soap Nuts ($14.99 value).

Tell us worst smell you tackle in the laundry? We’ll pick the most horrific stench, and send you the free bag of soap nuts.

Think you have a smell they can’t tackle? Let’s hear it!

Daily Green Special: Tell us the worst offending smell you face in the laundry room and you could win a free 80-load bag of Yoreganics Soap Nuts. Entries accepted through Monday’s post. Happy weekend!

“smelly clothes” picture credit


2 responses to “You do NOT want to smell this

  1. The kids spilled milk on the kitchen table and cleaned it up with a towel. They put the towel in the front-loading washing machine and broke one rule of front loaders – they closed the door. This occurred the day AFTER laundry day. So, it sat in there until I went to do a load of wash, which was only 5 days later…luckily? Wow! Oh, my! It was gag worthy.

    That does not happen regularly; unfortunately, the dog leaving wet spots and other presents in the house does … a couple of times a week. After cleaning the messes, my spouse (unless I catch him first) will put the towels used in the laundry basket … with wet dish towels and cloth napkins. The smell? Think of mixing dirty diapers with wet clothes, and old food.

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