60 second workouts

I hate structured exercise. I read about my friend’s achievements and instead of feeling motivated, I wonder why in the world anyone would want to run for two hours straight. Pinterest is full of “15 minutes to perfect arms” or butt, or legs…and after 3 minutes I’ve already lost interest.

As a kid I spent hours each day in the gym for gymnastics. Later in high school and college I spent up to ten hours in the dance studio. Those days are long over. I like activity, just not the structure.

While I still enjoy an occasional yoga class, I’ve come to cherish my “alone time” and spending 1/3 of it working out isn’t necessarily in the plans.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of exercise. And I know that after the age of 40, you lose an average of 1% muscle mass every year.

So, for those of you with EBD (exercise boredom disorder) like me, 60 second workouts may be the answer!

*Microwave time. 60 seconds on the microwave seems like an hour real-time. Heating something up? Sneak in push-ups against the sink or counter.

*Waiting for Candy Crush to load? Hold a plank…bonus points if you can play one game still in the plank.

image*Have a strong dog? Hit your obliques playing tug of war. Sit on the floor and try to twist from side to side, resistance from your pup is killer!

*You’re brushing your teeth anyway, add some plies or squats while doing so.

*Don’t fast forward through commercials- challenge yourself (and the kids) to do jumping jacks through the entire break.

*Good song on? Crank it up and bust out your dance moves! Maybe it’s an impromptu jitterbug with your 5-year-old, maybe it’s your rendition of a broadway show. Belt it out & dance!

imageMore than 60 seconds to spare? Play catch or frisbee with your child (or a neighbor kid) & you’ll be amazed at the topics you’ll cover.

Catch up with friends while you walk the dog.

Maybe it’s not the ideal workout program, but it’s something.

Do I still have washboard abs, nope. Do I miss them, sort of. But I’ll leave the string bikinis to the college girls.

Dog Photo credit: Andrew Huff / Foter / CC BY-NC


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