Restoring Balance in Your Home

When someone tells you to “go to your happy place” is it ever someone else’s home? A home where peace and tranquility seem to effortlessly coexist with fun and laughter. A home where a morning cup of coffee feels like an event, not a chore. Balanced.


Ahhh…..if only, right?

I’ve never been a guest in Lynne Knowlton’s home (hint, hint!), but it’s my inspiration for a balanced home.

treehouse escapeThe photos (and stories) don’t scream perfectly organized catalog home. They squeal with laughter and love. Of happiness and balance.

I don’t have a pool. Ditto for the treehouse. But I am working on balance.

This time of year feels a bit hectic: summer is ending (did it ever really start this year?), preparing for the school year, adjusting to new activities.

But, over the past week I’ve noticed a calm within my home. A collective breath of content that some changes are making a difference.

What changes have we made lately?

Decluttering. I think I’m single-handedly keeping the new Goodwill in town in business. Cleaning out a draw or a shelf everyday keeps me from burning out. If we don’t love it, it goes to someone who will.

Lighting candles. As we’re winding down for the evening, the subtle pure citrus essences create a calm and completion to the day. The act of lighting a candle has almost become a symbol, to me and the kids, that it’s time for calmer energy to balance the frenzy of the day’s activity.

Quit apologizing. For my home that is. Too often in friend’s homes I’d hear “sorry about the laundry on the couch.” “Sorry there are papers all over.” Essentially, sorry my house doesn’t look like a page out of Pottery Barn. I heard myself saying it too. No more. I can’t remember who said, “if you’re coming to see me, come on over. If you’re coming to see my house, give me an hour.” No more apologizing for a home that reflects life in progress. I was grateful that several friends stopped by yesterday, and none of them seemed appalled that there were dishes in the sink.

imageGlass jars. It’s become a mild obsession. I love glass jars in the kitchen. Snacks, granola, chips, crackers, flour, sugar, baking soda, you name it, it’s now in a glass jar. Countless bags of granola shoved in the pantry made me crazy every time I opened the door. Jars lined up on a shelf = happy, happy, happy. It’s the little things in life.

Chakra Oils: For balancing, I need grounding. A solid connection to the earth, instead of living in my head and creating anxiety over uncertainties. Simply inhaling Root Chakra essential oil blend two or three times a day, especially during trying times, restores that connection and awareness.

Treehouse or not, I know Lynne’s life isn’t perfect. Which is actually what makes the energy of her home so alluring. Amidst the crap that life sometimes throws at you, we can find balance. It’s up to us to “Design the Life You Want to Live.”

Where is your happy place.

Daily Green Special: Start your own path for restoring balance in your home. All of our soy candles are on sale, and today only, find Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend at a special price. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Thursday.


2 responses to “Restoring Balance in Your Home

  1. Ohhhhhh my goodness gracious. Wait. I think I just sounded like a 102 year old. Truth is – I’m sitting at a hospital with my hubs right now waiting for his oncology appt – and you JUST MADE MY DAY. Of course – in case you didn’t feel my happy screaming across the room … I had to use caps lock. Ha! Caps lock is reserved for special moments. 🙂

    Big fat love of thanks to you !!!
    Ps. I burn candles and use essential oil every single day ! I need to buy some from you !!! Xx


  2. I should be thanking you! For inspiration, for courage, for balance. Maybe I should’ve added the jalapeño tequila as another option for gaining (or losing!) balance. My thoughts are with you and your husband today.

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