Portable water bottles for dogs

We all know dogs love their walks (most days it counts as my exercise also!).  A tired dog is a happy dog, right?  Whether you’re taking your furry friend on a hike, a run, or a jaunt at the park, dogs need to rehydrate too.

Even without exercise, the high temps- and dog days of summer- mean extra water.

Carrying a water bottle for yourself & one for your pup can be cumbersome.

And, if you share your bottle you either have to pour the water into your hand, or some of the water is wasted as you try squirting it into their mouths.

No more!

Favor the Earth is all about bring green solutions to everyday life, this means our four-legged family members too.

We’re thrilled to now offer H2Fido, portable water bottle & bowl set for your dogs.

BPA-free (they don’t need toxins either!), collapsible, and truly portable. The water bottle and bowl are hooked to a carabiner clip for convenient transport: attach to the leash, your day pack, or jacket zipper.

H2Fido comes with a water bottle and 2 water bowls attached to a handy carabiner clip.

Once again, new product means introductory sale!

Daily Green Special: Regularly $9.95, you can stock up on H2Fido today for $7.50. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!

Ice Dog Photo Credit


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