5 ways to green your office

We spend most of our waking hours at work. Between the toxic “air fresheners” and headache causing allergens, office space is in serious need of greening.
Chances are the boss won’t repaint the walls with no-VOC paint, but there are a few simple swaps that are easy to make.

5 ways to make your workplace safer for you and the environment.

image1. Potted plants help improve air quality, reduce allergens, and boost your spirit. Forget phthlate-laden plastic pots and opt for one made in Michigan from recycled tires! Each Flat Tire pot is unique. Three sizes available.

image2. Noticing frequent headaches at work? It may be more than just stress. Standard dry erase markers have shown neurotoxic results: headache, fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. Switch to Friendly Dry Erase Markers that are free from xylene, toluene, and VOC’s.

stapler3. Little pieces of metal can jam up a shredder, and some recycling centers won’t take paper with staples. Avoid the annoyance of removing them by eliminating staples all together. Our Staple-Free Stapler connects paper without the use of any staples! Various colors available.

vapur sunset4. Skip the third cup of coffee and forego the styrofoam cups. Keep water close at hand with Vapur Water Bottles. Working long hours? A tropical sunrise will keep you motivated for well-deserved vacation time! Various colors & sizes available. Made in the USA.

french lotion5. Handling paper and air conditioning can dry out hands. If you’re constantly using lotion, be sure yours doesn’t contain parabens and synthetic fragrances. Green Envee Organics lotion will help moisturize without the addition of toxins. Fragrance-free work zone? Choose the shea & calendula. There’s even a nut-free option for allergy conscious offices. Made in USA.

There’s no need to skip your green routine just because you’re at work. Carve out your own eco-friendly space and soon others will catch-on. Maybe you’ll even be able to convince your boss that tele-commuting is a greener option!

Wondering which companies are the “greenest”? Check out Newsweek’s results for the US Greenest (big) Companies.

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