Retro Toys: and why I love Duck Dynasty

I’ll admit it. I love Duck Dynasty: the soft-spoken Phil, the witty (and adorable) Jase & Willy, and the stories of Si. I love the way they enunciate, and I love the way they treat each other.

imageSure, there’s some family ribbing going on, but if you watch (and if you aren’t, why not?!) there isn’t the typical drama. Their kids aren’t going to see these shows one day and be embarrassed of their parent’s repulsive behavior (Dance Moms take note).

In one episode Jase commented “If you don’t have 10 minutes to wait for a hot donut, you’re too busy.” Granted I don’t particularly like donuts, but I think we can all take a step back and realize their priorities are often spot-on.

This week, Phil was trying to get the attention of his granddaughters. He tried in vain to draw them away from their (what he called) “we-pads” to look at the woodpeckers, cardinals, and various wildlife. They weren’t budging. Phil decided they needed to get away from their “digital dementia” and get outside. So, he took them fishing.

This weekend the weather is supposed to be fabulous. Forget the electronics, and entertain the kids with old-school toys.

Teach the kids how to “walk the dog” and other Yo-Yo tricks. Have spinning top contests. Build, decorate, and race your own race car (truck, bug, boat, and train available too). All of these retro wooden toys are made in the USA from sustainable wood.

Prefer good ole nature walks? Repurpose paper towel or toilet paper tubes into camouflage binoculars with eco-friendly Box Play for Kids stickers.

These fun toys also make great party favors- oh….how about a Duck Dynasty themed party!

So turn off the electronics, spend some quality time together, and everyone will be “Happy, Happy, Happy.”

Daily Green Special: It’s time for a weekend coupon. Spend $25 and save $5 with the coupon code: OLDSCHOOL Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Have a fabulous weekend!

Duck Dynasty Photo Credit


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