Following ‘N Sync: Saying Bye bye bye

Before last week’s VMA awards, I couldn’t tell you if Justin Timberlake was part of ‘N Sync or Backstreet Boys. I didn’t follow boy bands much in my teens, so it only seems fitting that my daughter is crazy for One Direction. Though that may be a bit of an understatement.


I like their music, well, I liked it the first 25 times I heard “Best Song Ever.” But it still isn’t as catchy as “Bye, bye, bye” (though, truth be told, those are the only lyrics of that song I know). Every time I hear the title “Best Song Ever” I get Spongebob’s “Best day ever” tune stuck in my head (sorry for that!) or Taylor Swift repeating “ever, ever, ever” 47,000 times.

imageBut “Bye, bye, bye” just seems to roll off the tongue and fits in any situation:
Have a great day at school- bye, bye, bye.
Going shopping to buy, buy, buy.
Need to get rid of this itchy dry skin with Bye Bye Dry!

Oh, so clever!

Hot & humid weather can be torture for itchy skin, especially if you’re stuck in a suit & tie (ha! I’m on a roll today!).

imageBye Bye Dry was designed as soothing relief for tough cases of psoriasis and eczema, so it works wonders on occasional dry patches, diaper rash, even burns, scrapes, and chafing.

To help ease dry skin during this heat wave, Bye Bye Dry is on sale ($7.95, regularly $11.99) for a limited time.

And, since it’s Labor Day weekend, our Favor the Earth Daily Green page is saying “bye, bye, bye” until September 2nd.

That means a few extra days of savings for you!

Daily Green Special: Save $6 (the cost of US shipping!) off your $25 purchase with the coupon code BYEBYEBYE13 Offer valid until Tuesday’s post. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Stay safe.
One Direction photo credit

‘N Sync photo credit


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