Recycled pop can jewelry

Crafty people amaze me. I’m even more inspired when they’re able to repurpose everyday objects into something completely new. Even though recycling is fabulous, finding new life through a second use rocks. That’s why we’re thrilled to carry Jazzy Pop Can Jewelry!


Instead of filling countless recycling bins (or too often trash bins) with everyday pop cans, Janis saw art within the can designs.

The pop can charms are a great addition to backpacks, zipper pulls, bracelets, or key chains. And, every 45 days a new design is introduced.

Kids love to collect them, trade them, or combine BFF puzzle pieces.

The earrings are lightweight and a great conversation starter. When someone tells you they love your earrings, how many times can you say “thanks, they used to be a pop can!”

These aren’t just for kids either (though they do make great party favors & gifts!).

Have a friend that can’t start her day without a particular can of pop or energy drink? Contact us & we’ll customize earrings or charms.

My kids have (sadly) outgrown notes in their lunch boxes, but they love new charm surprises showing up on their backpacks!

The ribbon charms are also a great way to show support for your favorite causes- check out the gold ribbon for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

All of their accessories are Made in the USA. Each piece is also sanded smooth and adhered to a recycled plastic backing so there are no sharp edges.

Since Jazzy Pop Can Jewelry is a new item, take advantage of today’s introductory price!

Charms, regularly $5 are on sale for $4.
Earrings, regularly $16.95 are on sale for $13.50

How many pop cans can you identify in the photos?!

Daily Green Special: New product=introductory price. Stock up now for Jazzy Pop Can Jewelry gifts and favors while they’re on sale. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday!


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