9/11: Remember, Reflect, and Hope

We all know where we were 12 years ago today. 9/11 changed our lives in countless ways.

We all have our story, most more tragic than mine. Yet few of us can recall them without tears.

The babies we clung to that day, as we wondered what kind of world we had brought them into, now walk into junior high. Hopefully with a better understanding of tolerance, patriotism, and compassion so that history will never repeat itself.

I don’t want to focus on the images of life shattering that day, I’m choosing to concentrate on the impressions of hope and honor.


If you haven’t yet seen it, this Budweiser tribute was only aired once.

Hug your family a little longer today; bring cookies to your local firehouse; thank a policeman; love more.

Through blurred eyes photo credit
Reflect Photo Credit
Rescue Dog Photo Credit
Salute at memorial photo credit
Survivor TreePhoto Credit
Firefighter Tribute Photo Credit
apologies to the flag photo- cannot find original owner.


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