Possible answer to recurring sore throat

Tired of waking up in the morning with a sore throat?  Been on numerous antibiotics, but still end up with recurring throat pain?  Sometimes the answer is more than just germs.

While medicines can help with symptoms, rarely do they focus on the root of the problem.

Too often the emotional and energetic aspects of our body are over looked.

imageIf you’ve ever watched Biggest Loser, you’ve seen contestants that are “stuck” at a given weight. They exercise for hours on end, but nothing is changing…until their trainer steps in, asks some difficult questions, and the tears start to flow.

It’s not all tv theatrics.  Repressed energy & emotions can manifest as physical symptoms: over/under weight, frequent colds, insomnia, headaches, ulcers, even eczema.

This is not to say that a doctor’s visit isn’t important. But, sometimes a look inside can help find the solution. Especially if illnesses seem to recur in a particular area.

The 6th chakra, the throat chakra, is focused on communication.

Do you have a difficult time expressing your feelings? Find yourself “biting your tongue?”

Holding back on expressing your true feelings, or saying nothing to avoid confrontation, can block energy in your 6th chakra.

Noticing frequent bouts of a sore throat, TMJ, PMS, or the flu? Rebalancing this energy blockage may help identify the root cause.

Usually when my kids complain about a sore throat, I’ll first ask if there’s something they need to talk about, or if they’re feeling unheard.

imageHow do you bring more awareness to your 6th Chakra?

Green Envee Organics Throat Chakra essential oil blend is a unique combination of essential oils associated with supporting the 6th chakra.

You can simply inhale directly from the bottle (quickest path the brain and limbic system), place a drop or two on your neck, or add a few drops into your bath.

Supporting your emotional & energetic well-being is essential to your physical health.

Freeing blocked energy in your 6th chakra can not only help you speak your mind effectively, but may reduce recurring physical discomforts as well.

Biggest Loser Photo Credit


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