This may be causing your insomnia

Saw too many horror films as a kid?  Superstitions running through your mind this Friday the 13th?  Both of these may cause you to lose sleep tonight.  But what about recurring insomnia?

imageAre you having trouble falling asleep too often? Or maybe difficulty staying asleep throughout the night?

A blocked 6th chakra, or Third Eye, could be keeping you from a good night’s rest.

Located in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes, the Third Eye is our energetic guide to intuition and understanding our place within the world. Our ability to live without judgement, but inspired instead.

It’s not hard to imagine old injuries causing aches and pains as we age. But, we often overlook the effects of emotional or energetic “injuries.”

Constantly worrying about the future? Usually running late to appointments?
Having a difficult time seeing life’s “big picture?”

Physically you may be experiencing eye strain, migraines, ear aches, or insomnia.

All of these are indications that your 6th chakra could use an awakening.

Living an inspired life, and listening to your inner voice are signs that energy is freely flowing through your 6th chakra.

How can you bring more awareness to your “third eye?”  Bring purple accents into your home or office, or snack on blueberries or purple grapes.

imageGreen Envee Organics Third Eye chakra blend can also stimulate energy in your 6th chakra. This specific blend of essential oils is designed to support and enhance the body’s energy flow to your 6th chakra.

Diffuse in a spray bottle to mist your room before sleeping, add a few drops to a warm bath, apply a drop or two directly to your Third Eye area, or simply inhale 2-3x daily.



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