6 ways to naturally improve your mood

Case of the blahs?  Irritated with everyone around you?  We often know when we’re crabby, but it can be difficult to break the blues when we’d rather hide under the covers.  Unfortunately that isn’t always an option.  These 6 tips will help improve your mood on those days when hiding in your personal fort isn’t possible.

1. Go Outside.  Spend 10-15 minutes in the fresh air.  The sun is setting earlier already, so carve out a bit of time during your day to boost your vitamin D.  Eat lunch outside, read a book on the patio, or just allow yourself 10 minutes of outdoor solitude.

2. Breathe. Juggling a hectic lifestyle is emotionally draining for anyone. Recharge with deep breathing. 2-5 minutes of conscious deep breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) boosts oxygen and blood flow throughout your body and brain. Enhance the effects adding aromatherapy. Green Envee Organics Chakra Essential Oil Blends correlate supports the balance of you body’s chakras.

3. Enjoy dark chocolate. It’s not an indulgence, it’s self-maintenance. Dark chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins that enhance serotonin production and help reduce depression. The limited caffeine in chocolate also helps provide a mental boost. You’re body (and mood) will reap the benefits even from a small square of dark chocolate.
Enjoy Dark Chocolate

4. Laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine, right? Call the friend that you can always count on for a good laugh. They aren’t available? A few minutes of your favorite comedy or old-school comic books will do the trick.

5. Go for a walk. Even if you’re in work attire, a brisk 30 minute walk will increase positive thinking and well-being. Treadmills are good, but enhance the benefits by walking outdoors in the fresh air or with a friend.
Take A Walk

6. Feed your soul.  An occasional blue mood doesn’t need to be stifled with a “I should be…”. Use these times to feed your soul with creative inspiration (you can’t write a great break-up song/poem when you’re elated!). Draw, paint, color, write, or just be okay with a bit of solitude.
Cut Yourself Some Slack

How do you curb the blues?

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