Top 8 Simple Green Solutions

If you’re following us on Facebook (if you aren’t, go ahead and do so now…we’ll wait…ready!), you’ve seen our nightly “Green Tips” postings.

Just in case you’ve missed a few, here are the Top 8 most popular, so far.

Green Tip #53: Forget harsh chemicals for soap scum on shower doors- after cleaning- wipe with baby oil and they’ll stay scum-free for a week! (check the skin deep database for a safe baby oil)

imageGreen Tip #10: Inundated with school papers already? Don’t recycle them yet. Cut into quarters and you’ll never run out of scratch paper!

Green Tip #2: Sheets and towels past their prime? Skip the landfill and donate them to your local animal shelter!

Green Tip #32: Make your own all-purpose cleaner: cup of vinegar, cup of water, 10 drops of tea tree oil, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Kills germs, not the environment!

Green Tip #14: Can’t squeeze any more out of the chocolate syrup container? Add milk to the bottle, shake it up, and pour into a glass for THE BEST final glass of chocolate milk!

imageGreen Tip #50: Old jeans and tees too ripped to GoodWill or consign? Donate them to your jr. high/high school sewing department. They love free “practice fabric”!

Green Tip #20: Close to empty cereal boxes cluttering the pantry? Don’t throw it away. Combine the “ends” with a few chocolate chips for custom munchy mix!

Green Tip #16: Coffee left in the pot? Pour into ice-cube trays for an iced coffee that won’t get watered down!

What are your favorite tricks for simple green solutions?

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Ripped jeans photo credit


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