Sweetest Day: Not Just a Hallmark Holiday

October 19th is Sweetest Day. Sure, most people scoff it off as a “Hallmark Holiday.” But, it actually has a sweet history that is less about romance and more about kindness.

In 1922, Ohio philanthropist Herbert Birch Kingston wanted to do something special for orphans, the under-privileged, and those that were house bound. So, he gathered his connections and had various celebrities deliver over 20,000 boxes of candy. Thus, creating “Sweetest Day.”

While it’s never a bad idea to spark a little extra romance, the true spirit of the day is spreading a little kindness.

Need a few Sweetest Day gift ideas? These 7 will help…


Tuck a sweet Yummy Earth lollipop in your child’s lunch bag or backpack.

Endangered Species Organic Chocolate squares are a sweet bite of deliciousness! Place on a loved one’s pillow for “sweet dreams!”

Friend going through a rough time? A EKL Bearmy bear brings childhood comfort. Enclosed tag reads “”even though I have been through many surgeries…I am a rescued bear and may have some flaws…please try to love me for my imperfections…I promise I will do the same for you.”

Going the romantic route? You can never go wrong with breakfast in bed! Add a fresh-cut flower for a sweet touch. (pictured: sustainable mango wood tray and baby buddha bowl in shiitake).

Fill a plantable heart box with homemade treats for a sweet gift for grandparents or teachers!

Treating yourself?! Vegan/Gluten-free SpaRitual Lip Glosses are flavored with fruit oils and infused with vitamins and antioxidants that provide protection against free radicals. No Parabens, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Fragrances, Phthalates, or GMOs…sweet!

Banana paper notepads are just the right size for little “sweet nothings” notes. Leave encouraging notes in student’s desks, in a friend’s mailbox, or randomly around town.

In the spirit of Herbert Birch Kingston, how will you spread a little sweetness on October 19th?


2 responses to “Sweetest Day: Not Just a Hallmark Holiday

  1. Happy Sweetest Day to all. It’s wonderful to remember that Sweetest Day is really for everyone to be sweet to each other. My gift to others is the gift of laughter. I offer it to you in my new romance comedy, The Samson Prophecy at Nataliesnovels.com.

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