5 Tips For A Green Halloween

As much as we are committed to the environment and care about our kids health, we still don’t want to be “that house” that gives out raisins on Halloween. Just because we won’t convince every household to stop handing out chocolate made with child labor, or those loaded with artificial colors, doesn’t mean you have to forgo green living for the night.

Here are 5 tips for maintaining your eco-lifestyle without becoming “that house.”

imageCostumes: If sewing isn’t your strong suit, trade costumes with friends and neighbors. Get more use out of sports uniforms with a “professional athlete” costume. Have a performing arts school nearby? Many of them rent out performance costumes this time of year.

imageCandy: Sure, organic junk food is still junk food, but Halloween calls for candy. Yummy Earth lollipops are great for kids with allergies & have no artifical colors or flavors. Love gum? Glee Gum is made from sustainable chicle, and has no artificial sugars and are also great for those with allergies. Prefer chocolate? Organic Endangered Species Chocolates are non-GMO and Fair Trade.

Sweet Treats: We’ve always created “special” treat bags for neighborhood friends. Compostable cellophane bags are great for homemade treats and concoctions! Just be sure to add a note so they remember who it’s from once they get home.

imagePost Halloween Recycling: Now that the kids have enough candy to last an eternity, what are you going to do with it? Some dentists will pay per pound for candy trade-ins, and several organizations collect candy to send to our troops. Let the kids use candy to create crafty Thanksgiving decorations like these clever topiaries.

imageSwitch Witch: This has been a favorite in our house for years. The kids leave a designated number of candy pieces for the Halloween witch to take back to her ghostly friends. She switches the candy for other favorite “treats!” Sustainable wood toys, non-toxic lip balms and nail polishes, and botanical paints are fun green (non-candy) options.

What are your favorite “Green Halloween” traditions?


3 responses to “5 Tips For A Green Halloween

  1. Great ideas. I don’t have children who come to my door ,but I do have grandchildren I like to give something to. Since I know they will get more candy than they will eat I picked up a couple of stamps for them to use crafting and am painting stones to look like pumpkins.

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