Organic Mesh Bags: 5 reasons why you need one

My organic mesh produce bag is to me what duct tape is to my husband. It’s one item that I use daily,  in some form or another. Need an example? Here are 5.

image1- Let it Hang. Potatoes and onions need cool temperatures. The garage is a perfect temperature, but stacking them on a garage shelf next to soccer cleats doesn’t appeal to me. So, fill up your mesh bag and hang them off a hook or contain them (away from cleats!) on a shelf. Just be sure to store potatoes and onions separately.

2- Snack Time. When I need a snack, I need it now! Fill the drawstring mesh bag full of assorted snacks and they won’t get lost in oversize totes. Since it’s mesh, you can spot your snack of choice without emptying the whole bag, and it’s easy to see when it needs refilling.

3- Gym Clothes. Finished working out? Toss your sweaty clothes into the mesh bag before adding to your gym bag. Keep the gym bag in your car, then you only have to bring the mesh bag in to the laundry room. No random stinky socks forgotten in your bag.

4- Sanity Sack. There are definitely times where a bag of forgotten toys/books can prevent a major meltdown: extra long waiting times, restaurants, sidelined at sibling activities. Stash this bag full of old treasures where you need it most- in the car, desk drawer, or kitchen cabinet. Swap items inside frequently so the “surprises” will buy you a much-needed 10-15 minute break.

5- Green Market. Skip the wasteful plastic bags at the produce stand and bring your own organic mesh bag. Fruits and vegetables will be able to “breathe” and the bag is even machine washable.

How many ways do you use your mesh bag?


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