Holiday Travel: Don’t leave home without these 5 items

There’s no place like home for the holidays, right?  Family traditions of football, too much pie,  and reminicing.  Extended family gatherings, or quiet celebrations, they’re both a day to celebrate our gratitutde.

If you’re not hosting the holidays, most likely you get to travel.  Whether you’re joining the family by car or plane, too often packing is a last-minute scramble.

Plan ahead now so that you don’t forget these 5 important items.

image1. It’s great to see our family and in-laws, but let’s be honest, it can be a bit stressful.  Some relatives make us want to reach for the bottle of wine well before dinner is served.  Keep calm and grounded with Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend.  It will help ease your anxiety about traveling, sibling rivalries, or Aunt Ester’s endless questions about your love life. ($17.95)

20121120-075453.jpg2. Paying for bottled water along your route is not only damaging for the environment, but for your wallet too. Reusable Vapur “anti-bottles” are the solution. Refill along the way, and roll them up for convenient transport when empty. Enough colors for everyone to have their own. BPA-free, and made in the USA ($7.50-$10)

image3. Traveling with pets? Don’t forget they need hydration too. H2Fido includes a BPA-free water bottle and 2 bowls. All collapse for easy transport, and they all clip to a handy carabiner clip so they won’t get lost. ($9.95)

20121128-060624.jpg4. In charge of bringing dessert? Don’t let the ever-important pie get crushed during travel. And, since most pie pans won’t fit inside an ordinary cake carrier, you need the handmade PieBox. Family will ooh and ahhh when you slide off the lid to reveal your gorgeous (they don’t need to know store-bought) pie! Handmade in Chicago from raw pine. ($38.95)

image5. Hosting the holidays is a ton of work. Even if you’re bringing a dish, it’s still nice to bring a little something for the host. Showing up with beautiful flowers is nice, but it also means they have to stop cooking to find a vase. Reusable MyVaz vases are perfect. They look like glass, but they’re made from recyclable plastic. 12 fabulous designs to match anyone’s style. The best part…they’re collapsible. So, they’ll fold flat if you need to carry them in your suitcase. Arranged and filled the vase at home? You won’t be stuck holding it in the car, it fits right in the cup holder! ($7.95)

Alleviate holiday stress by prepping early for holiday travel. You’ll have more time to be grateful with less time being frazzled.


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