How 50¢ gets you 15 minutes of quiet

Kids or no kids, everyone is an “expert” on parenting. Over the years you learn to understand that what works for one child doesn’t mean it will work for another. Or work for a different parent for that matter. Sometimes, though, you come across a parenting tip that is purely genius. Of course, this tip came from my mom.

I will share it, but you have to promise to keep it quiet! If the kids find out you benefit too, the jig is up. And, you have to use it sparingly. It’s like eating decadent ice cream every night. After a while, it’s just a habit and no longer special.

imageMaybe you need a few minutes to use the bathroom in peace. Maybe you desperately need ten minutes of solitude. Or maybe you both need “quick” couple time.

But, little ones seem to know the minute you’re on the phone, on the toilet, or behind a closed-door.

So, here’s how 50¢ can bring you a 15 minute break.

It starts with a roll of pennies. the kids they’re going on a treasure hunt and they can keep the money. There are 50 coins to find.

Open the roll, and let the coins fall, drop, roll wherever they may go (they fall even farther if you can drop them from upstairs to downstairs!).  Not sure if the kids or parents squeal louder with delight.

Here’s the key, though. Keep two of the coins in your pocket and run to your “quiet spot.”  Genius.

Multiple kids or kids a little older? You may need to up the ante to 2-3 rolls, or make it a roll of dimes.

What would you do with 15 uninterrupted minutes?


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