7 Amazing Uses for Chopsticks

The Chinese food restaurant we order from must think I order enough food for 15 people, they always add far too many sets of chopsticks to our delivery. If you too end up with a drawer-full, don’t toss them. Once you try these seven surprising uses for chopsticks, you’ll save yourself trips to the store because they’re so versatile.

image1- Dusting vent registers. Years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter I did some serious “nesting.” I spent hours dusting and cleaning every vent with Q-tips. I definitely don’t have hours to spend on that chore these days. Simply toss a rag over the chopstick’s beveled edge and they’ll wipe clean in no time. A great task you can finish while talking on the phone.

2- Shoe clean-up. There are very few things that disgust me; I don’t get queasy when the kids are sick or if the dog had an “accident” on the rug. What will make me lose my lunch, though, is dog poop on shoes. The kids have been on their own for a while when it comes to cleaning mud or dog poop out of shoe crevices. Chopsticks have always done the trick perfectly, and it keeps their hands far enough away from the mess too.

3- Skewers. Ran out of bamboo skewers for your appetizers? Chopsticks will work just as well.

http://www.ehow.com/how_2191786_use-chopsticks-style-hair.html4- Hair accessory. Starting dinner and don’t feel like running upstairs for a ponytail holder? Twist your hair into a bun and use chopsticks to hold it in place.

5- Unclogging tub drain. Especially if you have girls in the house, shower drain clogs are inevitable. No need to call the plumber or use harsh chemicals, use chopsticks to remove hair and gross gunk. This job is actually gross enough that my kids love doing it. They alternate holding the flashlight and clearing the clog. Disgusting? Absolutely. Still better than flushing toxins down the pipes.

image 6- Cleaning out dryer lint. After my husband took apart our dryer to fix a broken piece, we were floored by the amount of lint inside. Even cleaning out the “lint trap” each use doesn’t compare to the amount of trapped lint inside the dryer (seriously, I don’t know how there aren’t more fires from this). I’ve become a bit obsessed with cleaning out the inside ridges every use too. Chopstick are the perfect size to fit into and clear out hidden lint.

7- Kindling. With these chilly temperatures, it’s just about for the first fire. Once you’ve used them multiple times for cleaning vents, and instead of tossing them in the garbage after using them as skewers, add the chopsticks to your wood pile. They make great kindling for fire pits or your indoor wood-burning fireplace.

What incredible uses have you found for “disposable” chopsticks?

Chopsticks in hair photo.


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