3 reasons petroleum jelly isn’t safe for your skin

With winter months quickly approaching, dry chapped skin isn’t far behind. If you’re used to stocking up on petroleum jelly to mositurize your lips and skin, you may want to think twice this year. That “trusty” jar in your cabinet may be causing more harm than good for your skin.

imageCertainly if you’re looking for a green solution for soft skin, petroleum jelly isn’t it. Created from petroleum byproducts, it was first found coating the bottoms of oil rigs in the 1800’s.

Even though most big-name brands do a decent job eliminating the carcinogens before marketing them on the shelves, there’s still cause for concern.

Chapped skin may feel soft and smooth after application, but the skin is actually suffocating. Since petroleum jelly is water-resistant, your pores literally aren’t able to breathe.

Likewise, any dirt in your pores is sealed in, resulting in unwanted breakouts.

So, what are safer alternatives?

kiwi-strawberryFor your lips, Eco-Lips is petroleum-free and made in the USA. In addition to 99% organic ingredients, they’re also gluten-free. Available in coconut, kiwi-strawberry, and grape (on sale for $1.50), SPF cherry or mint is also available.

Dry skin? Pure shea butter helps heal dry, itchy skin, as well as razor burn, wind burn, and eczema (click here for more benefits!).

imageCheck out Green Envee lotions to moisturize and heal the skin, and allow it to breathe. Both of these options include organic shea butter. West African Shea & Calendula has a subtle scent, but powerful benefits. Egyptian Myrrh and Sandlewood adds pure essential oils that ease eczema, psoriasis, and flakey skin.

Need a nut-free option? Here’s a safe alternative for you.

Let’s leave the petroleum jelly to the oil barges. Instead, moisturize your skin organically allowing your pores to breathe and heal.


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