How stress is affecting your body

Contrary to what many people believe, we need stress in our lives. There are positive stresses, like getting married or a new job, and the all too common negative ones. Unfortunately, our body isn’t capable of deciphering the reason behind the stress. Whether you’re stressed because of traffic, or because you’re being chased by a bear, your body will physiologically react the same: pupils dilate, digestion slows, and heart rate increases.

Though we need our innate sympathetic system to kick in (telling us to cover our head when something heavy is about to fall on it), living in a perpetual state of chronic stress is disastrous for our bodies.

According to the American Medical Association, more that 60% of illness and disease are caused by stress. I have to wonder why yoga and poolside vacations aren’t prescribed more than side-effect laden drugs!

imageThe mind-body connection is undeniably powerful. And, what causes your stress may directly correlate to where you notice physical or emotion dis-eases.

Stressed about money or family? You may experience chronic fatigue, constipation, or frequent colds.

Stressed about making difficult decisions or life changes? You may notice headaches, insomnia, earache, or anxiety.

Interestingly, each of these also correlates with one of the body’s energetic pathways or chakras. While we often turn to Vitamin C to boost immunity, supporting our energetic paths can also have a dramatic effect on our well-being.

Green Envee Essential Oil Blends help balance the seven chakras for natural well-being. Choose the appropriate chakra blend to help ease stress-related symptoms such as low back pain (sacral), mood swings (throat), or eczema (crown).

Supporting a weak energetic pathway, can help restore your body’s balance, improve immunity, and increase energy.


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