Are scented candles safe?

Ahh…the fresh scent of apple cider, balsalm firs, and fresh baked cookies. Usually, though, the aromas found naturally in the kitchen or the great outdoors, are nothing like the laboratory creations molded into popular brand candles.

Candles are great for creating ambiance or a peaceful setting, unless they’re filled with toxic ingredients.

How can you be sure your candles (or wickless wax melts) are safe?

Consider these 3 questions before lighting your next candle.

1- Is it made from paraffin? Paraffin is a derivative of petroleum, when it burns carcinogens are released into the air. Choose candles made from US beeswax or USA non-GMO soy instead. Beeswax naturally detoxes and purifies the surrounding air, and non-GMO soy also burns clean.

image2- What’s that smell? Although sugar cookies smell great, there is no pure essential oil that comes from cookies. Synthetic fragrances are known for causing headaches and allergic reactions. Look for candles that are scented with pure essential oils. Careful…”natural” is not the same as pure essential oils either.

3- How much is it? While price isn’t always the best indicator, chances are that the dollar-store cheap prices probably contain cheap ingredients. That said, even some expensive candles are full of toxic ingredients as well. Whether you’re paying $5 or $50, don’t waste your money on synthetic ingredients.

small pineconeWhich candles meet these criteria? Sunbeam beeswax candles are made in New York from local beeswax, and use plant-based dyes for their colored candles. Wayfarer Candles are made in the US from non-GMO US soy and scented with pure essential oils.

Find them on sale here starting at $3.50.


2 responses to “Are scented candles safe?

  1. i like very much of the idea, really the natural candles helps to create an natural environment in our houses and don’t affect in health besides being good for the pockets. what call my attention is that the material of the candles is 100% natural! great tip!

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