America Recycles Day: Tips and Ideas

Friday, November 15th is the 16th annual America Recycles Day. Numerous events are held throughout the country to help educate and encourage others to reduce our country’s garbage. They’re even taking recycling a step further and finding new uses from discarded objects- like using recycled plastic to create benches.

While some of these events are on a grander scale, there are plenty you can do at home, in your schools, or within your community.

1- “Clean up” walks. Take a short walk around your neighborhood and collect any recyclable litter. Get the kids involved and see who can fill up their bag first!

piano2- “Give your garbage another life.” Sure, you could recycle that empty toilet paper roll or egg carton. But wouldn’t it be more fun to turn it into a piano or binoculars? Box Play for Kids are eco-friendly stickers that repurpose ordinary household objects into fun new toys. Made in California.

image3- Re-tired. Flat Tire Designs gives new life to old tires by turning them into multipurpose planters and bins. Great as a beverage cooler, unique storage for toy cars, or for holding remotes or desk accessories. The “flower pot kit” is a great activity for America Recycles Day or your next cars themed party. Made in Michigan.

image4- Recycling A-Z. The Earth, The Alphabet, and Me is filled with 26 activities (from A-Z) to help little ones make a difference for our planet. Written and illustrated by two sisters, this book offers exciting ways to go green and repurpose everyday items. Made in Missouri.

image5- Pop-up. Everyone loves Jazzy Pop Can Jewelry’s creative charms and earrings made from recycled pop-cans! Attach the charms to key chains, backpacks, bracelets or zipper pulls. All are sanded smooth and have a recycled plastic backing, so there are no sharp edges. Can you guess these cans? Made in Illinois.

image6- Help please. Eye glasses, denim, computers. Wondering where you can recycle items from your home? Check out the America Recycles Day website for more information on drop off centers throughout the US. You’ll also find organized events at a location near you.

Take part on Friday. Whether you do it alone, with friends, classmates, or neighbors, every little bit has a big impact on our country’s health.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.


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