Stress-free holidays: Week 3

So, did you finish Week 2? Me neither! I’m trying to not stress, though, I’m focusing on the positives instead: I picked up 5 gifts, baked & started delivering homemade cinnamon rolls, and cleaned out several shelves to donate blankets & clothes to the tornado victims (thankfully everyone we knew in the area was safe).

Since Week 3 includes Thanksgiving, there’s intentionally fewer “to-do” items, Thanksgiving prep takes enough time on its own. Not hosting Thanksgiving? This is a great time to catch up on Week 1 and Week 2.


Start Homemade Projects: Making homemade gifts this year? Time to get started. Bust out the yarn, glue gun, and all of your crafty supplies. Looking for a project the kids can make as gifts? Check out this great idea.

Address Envelopes: Killing time while the pies bake? Addressing envelopes is a great task to check off your list. Since you already picked up the stamps in week 1, your cards are ready to go out when December 1st rolls around!

Online Shopping: Thanksgiving week is the perfect time for online shopping- you won’t need to pay expedited shipping fees and hot items are still in-stock. And, if you run into any delays, you still have a few stress-free weeks left. Prep: Hosting Thanksgiving? Start chopping vegetables on Tuesday so the prep work is ready when you need it. Not hosting? Enjoy a few extra hours catching up on weeks 1 and 2. All caught up? Happy relaxing!

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