Small Business Saturday: Why it’s important

With all of the fanfare for Black Friday, hopefully you’ve also seen the signs for Small Business Saturday.  Over the past couple of years, American Express has been bringing attention to small businesses across the country.


Of course, as a small business owner, I think the idea is pretty spectacular. But, I also know it takes more than one day to keep a mom & pop shop afloat.

imageThough many independents may not be able to match the big chain “door busters,” sometimes finding the best deal isn’t about saving the most money.

It’s about the 80-year-old owner who still visits the store now run by his children and grandchildren.

It’s about the baking traditions and recipes passed down through generations.

It’s about the men and women who wake up every day and instead of dreading “I have to go to work today,” think “I get to share my passion today.”

Small businesses are the bread & butter of our country. We strive to be original in life and thought, but yet too often support the companies that lack the same originality.

Be original. Shop small.

imageI started 2013 with a personal challenge of only shopping small for the entire year (you can check out fantastic shops I’ve found along the way here).

I’ve met incredible people who are thrilled to share their enthusiasm about their restaurants, bakeries, and stores.

So, while you’re holiday shopping, support an independent shop. You may just find more than a great gift.


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