Stress-Free Holiday: Week 4

From the looks of my neighborhood, many of you are way further ahead than I am for the holidays! We even received our first Christmas card before Thanksgiving. Yikes- still need to order ours. These cold, overcast days are making me feel a little more dreary than cheery. Hopefully, this week will help boost my Fa la la la’s. It’s never too late to catch up on weeks 1, 2, or 3. But, here we go for staying calm through the holidays with week 4.


1. Send cards. Ok, I’m a couple of steps behind on this one. Stamps are bought, just need the cards to go with them! Nonetheless, send out your holiday cards so the fortunate recipients can enjoy your pictures of kids, pets, and holiday wishes.

book tree2. Put up the tree. Real, artificial (try to find one that’s made in the US and PVC free), rented, or stenciled. Creating a unique tree out of recycled materials? Send us a picture of it!

3. Decorate your surroundings. Maybe I’m more ambitious this holiday season because (aside from gourds from our garden) I didn’t put up a single fall or Halloween decoration. Time to bring new energy and life to our home. Tired of the decorations you’ve had for years? Donate them and pick up a few vintage decorations from local resale/antique stores. Bring the outside in with beautiful branches and pinecones.

4. St. Nicolas Day. This is probably my favorite holiday tradition. At our house, St. Nick brings the kids fruit, sweet dough bread men (with chocolate chip eyes!), and a couple little trinkets. Need St. Nick or stocking stuffer ideas? Check out some of these ideas.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

Book tree photo credit.


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