Aromatherapy Vaporizer: health and home benefits

Love the smell of scented candles but hate worrying that you’ll leave them burning? Noticing the drying effects of low humidity in the house? Looking for a natural way to ease nighttime congestion?

imageThe Aroma Vaporizer takes the benefits of aromatherapy to a new level.

Simply add 1/2 cup tap water and a few drops of your favorite Chakra Essential Oil blend, or your own oil blend, and the steam will diffuse the aroma throughout the room. And, because essential oils are anti-bacterial by nature, you’re detoxing and purifying the surrounding air.

Since the vaporizer doesn’t use heat or chemicals, the essential oils’ natural properties aren’t compromised either.

Colds and flu plaguing your home? Help detox and clear germs from the air in common rooms, or use in the bedroom to clear nighttime congestion.

The Aromatherapy Vaporizer weighs less than a pound so it’s conveniently portable. Take it room to room, or even on vacation to purify hotel room air and aide in relaxation.

There is no heat or flame so you eliminate the safety concern associated with leaving a candle burning. For added safety, the vaporizer shuts off after 3 hours or when all of the water has dissipated.

Need another cool factor? How about color therapy? Choose from 4 lighting options: Pink only, Blue only, Lights off, or Alternating, to enhance ambiance and relaxation.

Boosting immunity? Try Root Chakra Grounding blend.
Trouble sleeping? Third Eye Chakra Consciousness blend will help calm the body.
Restoring a nurturing and positive atmosphere? Choose the Heart Chakra Love blend.


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