Balancing mind, body, and spirit naturally

Although the media would like us to believe that this time of year all things are merry and bright, it just isn’t so. Life doesn’t stop for the holidays. There’s still stress, grief, anxiety, and worry; and plenty that needs to be done regardless of those emotions. Balancing your mind, body, and spirit is always a challenge. Doing so while you’re on the constant go is damn near impossible.

Whether you’re trying to make it through the holidays, or you’re making balance a 2014 priority, new aromatherapy mists will aid you in your journey.

Aromatherapy using pure essential oils is incredibly effective since our sense of smell has the fastest link to our brain, leading our body to a quick physiological response.

imageOur levels of stress, fatigue, or anxiety don’t always peak at the most convenient times. These aromatherapy sprays are ideal for maintaining balance in your car, while traveling, at work, or just to carry in your purse or bag for anytime you need balance.

Choose from 6 essential oil blends.

AWAKE: Burning the candle at both ends? Reaching for your 3:00 coffee fix at noon? Awaken your body naturally with the essential oil mist that’s perfect when you’re on the go, but your mind & body are having a hard time keeping up. AWAKE rebalances mood, increases patience, uplifts the spirit, promotes joy, and awakends the body

BALANCE: Walking the never-ending tightrope balancing work, home, and life? That path can be exhilarating…and exhausting. For those times when it seems all of your juggling is about to crash, find your BALANCE. This aromatherapy essential oil mist will help ease exhaustion, combat stress, improve circulation, balance the mind, and increase energy.

ZEN: Life can throw some pretty crazy curves at us; those lessons that will eventually make you stronger, but can bring you to your knees today. Your body, mind, and spirit could use a little ZEN. Use this essential oil spray to help calm fears, ease depression, relieve grief, promote meditation, and restore calm.

STABILIZE: Big project to tackle? Need a little motivation or creative spark? The essential oil blend of Indonesian Patchouli & Orange will help STABILIZE your mind by reducing anxiety, increasing energy, clearing the mind, dissolving worry, and boosting creativity.

REFRESH: Feeling like a fog has descended? Even positive stress can leave us a little scattered and congested. REFRESH your mind, body, and spirit with this Tunisian Rosemary and Peppermint essential oil blend. Use at work, at home, or anywhere you need a boost in concentration, an increase in confidence, reduction of head tension, clearer thinking, and a fresher mind.

RELAX: The dog is barking, the kids need homework help, dinner isn’t ready, and it’s your turn to carpool for tonight’s activities. Traffic on your commute isn’t helping either. You need a moment to RELAX…even if it’s on the go. Lavender & Chamomile essential oil spray eases your body and mind, reduces stress, calms tense muscles, relaxes the nerves, and aids in rest.

Choose an aromatherapy spray for yourself, or for a friend. Convenient balance for life’s inconvenient curves.


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