5 ways to relieve dry skin

With the wrapping paper, the cold weather, and continual hand washing it’s easy for hands to become dry and cracked.  Relief is near though.  If you’re trying to avoid petroleum-based products, you’ll love these 5 ideas for softer, moisturized skin.


Yoreganics Bye Bye Dry: Say goodbye to windburn, sunburn, and skin cracks with this multi-purpose balm. Bye Bye Dry is one of those “must-have” cabinet items that has endless possibilities. GLUTEN-FREE ($11.99)

Green Envee Organic Lotion: Come wintertime, you’ll find a bottle of lotion by every sink in my home. Choose from seven essential oil scents (Brazilian Orange & Litsea is my favorite this time of year!) to keep hands and body moisturized and heal chapped skin. No synthetic fragrance and no artificial ingredients, nut-free option available too. GLUTEN-FREE ($16.00)

Eco-Lips Medicinal Balm: This is the mother of all lip balms. This is NOT your everyday chapstick! This balm will help heal severely chapped lips and cold sores. Your lips will be soft and kissable when the ball drops at midnight! GLUTEN-FREE ($4.95)

Aroma Vaporizer: Feeling a painful shock every time you touch a door handle? Dry air in your home calls for added moisture. The Aroma Vaporizer lets you curb dryness with the additional bonus of aromatherapy. Use your favorite essential oil, add 1/2 cup of water, and the entire room will benefit from the humidification steam. ($65.00)

Micro Bamboo Exfoliator: Remove dry, flakey skin gently with sustainable (and biodegradable) bamboo powder to rejuvenate your skin, reduce fine lines, and fight free-radicals. GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN, NUT-FREE ($34.95)

Just because dry skin is a common reality during winter, doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it until Spring! Help heal your skin naturally and safely with any of these great products.


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