6 Motivating Tips to Get Fit in 2014

The New Year is fast approaching.  For most people, resolutions and goals are tradition.  And, for many, getting in shape tops the list…every year. Here are some easy ways to stay motivated so your Get Fit resolution lasts longer than the first month.

1. Walk to Canada. If you watch Modern Family, you may have caught the episode where Phil vowed to walk the equivalent number of miles from their home to Canada so his wife wouldn’t relinquish his treadmill to the garage. Love this idea! Friend live across the country? Determine the miles between you and make that your goal. Laps around the block seem less boring when you’re “walking” to your friend’s house!

2. Mix it Up. Gym membership seem intimidating? Mix it up monthly. Maybe January in yoga, figure skating in February, or Parkour in April! Find a partner to join you each month and alternate choosing the activity. 30 days seems less daunting than a year commitment, and you may find a new hobby that you love.

3. Getaway Goal. Ready to tackle your first 5k or marathon? Plan one out of state with a few girlfriends. Not only will you achieve a fitness goal, you’ll have a great weekend away to celebrate!

http://petlawblog.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/do-i-have-to-keep-my-dog-on-leash/4. Do it for the dogs. Having a difficult time finding motivation to get moving? Become the neighborhood dog walker. It’s easier to lace up you sneakers when you know the adorable pup next door is counting on you for their afternoon walk. Don’t forget water for the pups on long walks too!

5. Copy your kids. For 15 minutes a day, try following everything your child does. From the way they bounce up the stairs, wiggle under the bed, or toss a ball in the air 8 million times. Re-focus on the constant movement as an incredibly energetic gym instructor, rather than as a kid who won’t sit down. You’ll quickly realize the number of muscles they’re using with all of that movement!

6. Break it down! Blocking out 60 minutes in your day for exercise may seem impossible. Instead of skipping it entirely, break it into smaller chunks: calf raises while brushing your teeth, wall push-ups while the coffee is brewing, or crunches during commercials all add up…and it’s easier to become a habit.

Creating a healthy lifestyle is more than numbers on a scale. Moving your body daily might not bring 6-pack abs, but a positive attitude, increased energy, and greater mobility are even better results.

Adorable dog Photo Credit.


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