4 Simple Green Resolutions for 2014

Maybe you’ve been composting and making your own detergent for decades.  Maybe you just recycled papers for the first time.  Going green isn’t a competition.  We all do what works best for our families at this time in our lives.  As long as it doesn’t interrupt daily schedules, most people would choose a greener option knowing that it’s safer for themselves, their families, and the planet.

Creating resolutions doesn’t have to mean altering your life in one big swoop. If you’re choosing to become more eco-friendly in 2014, these four tips will help you effortlessly make that transition.

pink vapur1. Stay hydrated without plastic water bottles. More cities are taking notice of the detrimental effects plastic water bottles have on our environment and health (Concord, MA was the first city to ban the sale of them!). Staying hydrated while on the go, though, is essential. Vapur Anti-Water bottles solve that problem! They’re made in the USA, BPA-free, dishwasher safe (love that!), freezer safe, and collapsible.

That means no lugging around an empty aluminum bottle that has to be hand washed. Just roll it up & put it in your pocket until it’s time to refill. Available in 3 sizes and 12 colors.

soap nuts 5load2. Too many laundry detergents are filled with harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances- all of which are disastrous for allergies and sensitive skin. Yoreganics Soap Nuts are a natural, safe alternative. Don’t worry about nut allergies, Soap Nuts are actually dried fruit berries from the soapberry tree (Sapindus Mukorossi). Its outer shell contains saponin, which creates a natural soap in water. Completely unscented and they eliminate even the foulest stench from workout clothes.

Since there’s no measuring involved, soap nuts are a great way to get kids started on doing their own laundry!

image3. We’ve all been there. Checking out at a store and realize we left our reusable bag in the car. Don’t bring home more unwanted plastic or paper bags. Organic T-shirt bags are light and compact to easily fit inside your purse. Not to mention they’re incredibly durable- we even have a customer who carries a 16 lb. bowling ball in hers!

Machine washable, made in the USA, and dyed with gorgeous Carolina/Georgia clay.

image4. While many of us focus on the foods we put into our bodies, too often we overlook what we put onto our body. Many skin care products are laden with toxins: parabens, PEG, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances. Switch your morning and nighttime skin care routine to a homeopathic alternative. Based on the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, each Homeopathic Element is designed with a specific skin type in mind to restore skin to its natural luster.

No petroleum-based ingredients here. Instead you’ll find pure essential oils and organic ingredients to help rehydrate and restore the skin’s proper Ph balance.

Going green doesn’t mean interrupting your life, it’s simply a way of enhancing your lifestyle. Creating greater well-being for yourself, your family, and our Earth.


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