5 resolutions worth keeping

To me, a new year is like a brand new notebook at the start of a school year: full of possibilities and begging for experiences. I’ve set New Years goals for as long as I can remember- some I achieve and some end up on the following year’s list. But they’ve always helped improve personal growth.  If you’re trying to add balance or green choices to your everyday routine, we’ll help you make 2014 the healthiest yet.

hawaii vapur1.Drink more water! One the easiest ways to improve your body’s health is to increase your water intake. Most Americans live in a perpetual state of dehydration that can cause fatigue, sugar cravings, hunger, and forgetfulness.

To help ensure you’re never without water, take advantage of our Buy One Get One Free Vapur Anti-Bottle deal.

Buy any .5L or 1L Vapur and we’ll add another same size bottle to your order free! Just write I NEED MORE WATER PLEASE (and your color choice) in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free Vapur (through January 15th).

2. Read More. I’ve had “read 50 books” as a New Year’s goal for several years. Haven’t accomplished it yet, but I’ve read some great books over the years. Find 15 minutes for your favorite magazine, thriller, or read-aloud with your child. Keep a book/magazine in your car for unexpected delays in waiting rooms or freight trains.

image3. Protect Your Energy. Just because someone close to you is perpetually in a bad mood doesn’t mean you have to adopt their negativity.

Protect your energy from other’s unwanted negative or chaotic energy with aromatherapy. Essential Oil Sprays can help you maintain your BALANCE, STABILITY, and ZEN at the office, gym, or even home.

4. Travel. Changing your surroundings doesn’t have to include a flight across the country (though that would be nice!). Spend an afternoon wandering a new town; visit your own town as a tourist might; or try to visit a different state for the first time. Even a quick trip can re-energize your spirit and boost your energy.

image5. Choose Balance. Holding on to negative emotions can manifest physically within our bodies. Chronic sore throat? Consider: is there something you’re afraid to say? do you find yourself often wondering ‘why won’t anyone listen to me?’

Chakra Essential Oils are specifically blended to bring balance to your body’s energetic pathways for greater balance and overall well-being.  Use as essential oils, convenient sprays, or help the whole room benefit with the aromatherapy vaporizer.

Although each of these resolutions are a continual work in progress, they are a daily step toward greater well-being. Here’s to a healthier You-14!


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