Tips for Staying Safe in Freezing Temperatures

Hopefully you’re reading this post while lounging by a pool somewhere warm.  Chances are, though, you’re anywhere but outside in these arctic temperatures.  My enthusiasm for cold weather lasts about 24 hours, and this winter has been especially brutal: expected high for Monday -8 (not including windchill).  Here are a couple of tips for keeping warm this frigid winter.

image1- Limit Exposure. If you’re going to be outside, make sure your skin is covered. Try to to limit outdoor time to 30 minute increments- more/less depending on windchill factor (frostbite can occur within 5 minutes of exposure to -55 windchill).

2- When our body gets cold, blood is directed to the body’s core to protect our vital organs. That means less circulation to fingers and toes. Make sure feet are protected from water leaks, and avoid wearing too many layers of socks. Shoes and boots shouldn’t feel tight before you even head outside.

Protect fingers with warm mittens or gloves. Frequently wiggle toes and fingers to help circulate blood to your extremities.

3- Layers! Loose fitting clothes won’t help insulate body temperature. Layer up with a tank top, long sleeve, short sleeve, sweater/vest, wind-proof coat. Yes you will feel like the stay-puft marshmallow man.

If clothes, feet, or hands get wet, try to get indoors as soon as possible.

“We lose approximately 30% of our body heat through our head.” -Dr Andrew Camilleri

4- Forget about protecting your hairstyle, hats are imperative. We lose approximately 30% of our body’s heat through our head. Be sure to choose a hat that covers your ears too.

5- Kids come in from skating or sledding with cold hands? Instead of rubbing them, gently hold their hands/feet or wrap in blankets to warm them. Careful, sitting in front of a fire or holding cold hands/feet under hot water could easily burn them since pain receptors are dulled with the cold.

To help protect you from the elements- we’re having an arctic blast sale! All of our in-stock hats, mitts, and scarves are 30% off.

Stay warm out there!


3 responses to “Tips for Staying Safe in Freezing Temperatures

  1. Love this! As someone who lives up north (brrrr!!) these are very important tips for people to be reminded about. I love your comments about ‘forget your hairstyle – hats are imperative!’ Hooray! So true. Also I like to share about the importance of keeping a safety kit in every vehicle. I’m still amazed at how many people hop in their car without safety supplies with the naive attitude that ‘Well I’m only going from the house to the car and to the store and back’ not realizing that if anything happens along the way, freezing weather can kill. So extra outerwear, candles, blankets, and of course a charged cell, all these tips can help save lives. Thanks for this great post. Cheers! Gina

    • Good call, Gina! Even growing up in this awful cold weather I still forget my emergency kit! Always blankets, extra water, and snacks though- I guess I can see where my priorities are. Thanks for the great suggestions.

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