Things to do when you’re stuck inside

For many of us here in Chiberia we’re on day 2 of no school due to weather.  While a few weeks from now it may have been a welcome break, two more days tacked onto two weeks of winter break is cause for a little stir crazy madness.  If school were called because of too much snow, at least the kids could be busy outside building forts, skating, and sledding.  But, sub-sub-sub zero temperatures are keeping everyone inside.  Had your fill of playing entertainment director Julie McCoy?  Here are some great ideas to pass the time when you’re stuck inside.

image1. Cool Crafts. Start with Glob botanical paint pigments, add a recycled canvas bag or organic cotton drawstring bag.

Then, let the kids create original bags for lunch, toys, books, or sports gear.

GREENPUZ-TIGER2. Puzzle Mania. Green Pieces puzzles are no ordinary 500 piece puzzles. Each piece is embedded with wildflower seeds! When you finish, plant a few pieces, indoors or out, and grow your own flowers. Plant the entire puzzle together & you’ll grow about 18 different varieties of wildflowers.

treehouse3. Build, Color, and Play. These super-sized recycled cardboard kits will provide hours of entertainment. Kids love to build?

They can follow the steps (72 for the robot!) to build their own robot, tree house, or doll house. Then, color (crayons, color pencils, or botanical paints recommended) and decorate, then play!

image4. Science Experiment. No, I’m not talking about experiments that will make a mess of your kitchen. Check out The New Abides great lesson for what happens when you throw boiling water into cold air!

Above all- be safe, be warm, and keep an eye on four-legged friends in this cold cold weather.


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