Valentine Crafts for School Parties

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Busy planning the classroom party? Since most school no longer allow treats or candy, finding fun crafts can be tough.  Kids will enjoy these projects at school, or making them at home for friends and family.  Not only do these crafts help share their love for family, but for the planet too!

imageThis Eco-Valentine Card Kit has everything needed to make 25 sustainable cards: 6 colorful pieces of Fair Trade grass & hemp paper, 6 sheets groundwood construction paper (white, pink, red) imprinted with decorative designs, 25 blank 4″ x 5″ banana paper cards, 1 Coccoina eco-friendly almond-based glue stick, 1 heart-shaped two-toned recycled crayon, and 1 recycled paper cigar-style box: 8″ x 5″ x 3″ (paper punch and scissors not included). 

heart confettiAlready decorating small clay flower pots? Create a bouquet of seeded hearts to tuck inside. Then, plant the hearts inside the flowerpot to grow wildflowers.

There are approximately 350 assorted seeded hearts in each package, enough for the whole class to create a bouquet!

imageLooking for a truly unique project? Kids love assembling their own flower pot- especially when it’s made from recycled tires! Because each tire’s treads is unique, no two Flat Tire Design pots will be the same.

Makes a great classroom, scout, or club activity.


2 responses to “Valentine Crafts for School Parties

  1. Love these ideas. And planning ahead is the way to go. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas with their links. Gina

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