Super Bowl Party Ideas

Just because the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks team colors aren’t green doesn’t mean your Super Bowl party can’t be. A few little tweaks can turn your event from disposable to sustainable. Plus, these tips will save you time so you won’t miss the next touchdown…or commercial!

🏈 Forget filling coolers with ice and restocking beer, choose mini-kegs instead. Even most local breweries have their craft beers available in various keg sizes. Borrow assorted beer glasses from friends- it’s easier to keep track of your own glass when everyone doesn’t have the same red cup.

mango wood🏈 Catering the meal? Many restaurants will forego the styrofoam or aluminum containers if you bring in your own serving dishes. These mango wood serving platters and bowls are perfect for dips, chips, or wings.

🏈 No need for vinyl table runners. Draw (or let the kids do it!) yard lines on recyclable kraft paper.

image🏈 Skip the toothpicks for bite-size appetizers. Use fresh thyme, rosemary, or pretzel sticks instead. (photo: pinterest)

Running a few bowls and glasses through the dishwasher at the end of the night beats dragging garbage and recycling to the curb in the cold!


3 responses to “Super Bowl Party Ideas

  1. Oh my gosh, these ideas are all awesome! Love the idea of borrowing different kinds/shapes of glasses so every one can have a certain beer glass that they’ll remember. And bringing our own containers to pick up from the caterers is great. And how great are rosemary sticks for skewers? Or pretzel sticks as part of the appy anyways? Super cool. Thanks so much for sharing! Gina

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