How to embrace your inner superhero

No one is ever going to confuse me with Martha Stewart or Danielle Bryk. I can hammer a nail and rip out caulk, but I am not a DIY goddess. Which is why yesterday’s achievement felt like I’d unleashed my inner superhero.

superstar stickersSome people have a “You are Special” or “Congratulation” plate for important milestones.

In my house, we have Superhero Bracelets. Step aside Lynda Carter!

It’s great having a husband that can fix anything. Except when said husband isn’t home and the sump pump alarm is going off and water is quickly filling the tank.

imageWhich is how I found myself with my hand in here…

Beyond gross, right.

I’m pretty sure that if our phone conversation were overheard by a DIY Network casting director we’d have our own “Green Acres” DIY show…

Him: Can you move the floater out of the water?
Me: You mean the thing that looks like a cage you’d go in if you were swimming with sharks?
Him: Um…I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Me: You mean the thing that looks like a stick with two cushy ends like you would joust with someone?
Him: Uh…yeah, that one.
Me: No, it doesn’t move.

Thirty minutes and eighty phone calls later, I’d managed to remove the frozen outdoor hose, move the floaty-thingy out of the water, empty the tank, and stop the annoying sump pump alarm.

No, it wasn’t rocket science, but I felt bad ass!

imageWatch out, Danielle Bryk. My inner superhero and I are ready to tackle your projects!

And yes, I’ll be wearing my pink superhero bracelets.


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